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This story of a son and father is sure to tug at the heartstrings. The author appears to be unknown, but these words of wisdom leave a powerful impression.

A son took his old father to a restaurant for an evening dinner.

Father being very old and weak, while eating, dropped food on his shirt and trousers.

Others diners watched him in disgust while his son was calm.

After he finished eating, his son who was not at all embarrassed, quietly took him to the wash room, wiped the food particles, removed the stains, combed his hair and fitted his spectacles firmly. When they came out, the entire restaurant was watching them in dead silence, not able to grasp how someone could embarrass themselves publicly like that.

The son settled the bill and started walking out with his father.

At that time, an old man amongst the diners Called out to the son and asked him, “Don’t you think you have left something behind?”

The son replied, “No sir, I haven’t.”

The old man retorted, “Yes, you have! You left a lesson for every son and hope for every father.”

The restaurant went silent.

What a touching life lesson about caring for our loved ones!


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The strength of a Nation is not found in the blind commitment 
to a political party.
It is found in the undying devotion to one's family and country. 

The strength of a nation is not found in the celebration of the 
rich and the famous.
It is found in the acknowledgment and assistance of its poor and forgotten. 

The strength of a nation is not found in the symbolic ceremonial 
praise of God.
It is found in each individual's dedication to God's word and law. 

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The strength of a nation is not found in banks, stores, safes, 
boardrooms, and conventions.
It is found in homes, in schools, and in the heart of each individual
willing to make a difference. 

The strength of a nation is not found in the ability to wage war 
or keep peace.
It is found in the wisdom and purity that sees no need for either.

The strength of a nation is not found on a flag or in its written history.
It is found in the love, compassion, kindness, and generosity of each 
of its citizens. 


People celebrate this festival by bursting firecrackers signifying the victory of good over evil. One way it is rainy season and it is good for killing of insects and mosquitoes. And in another way it is very dangerous to people which creates health problems also. Please don’t use hazardous crackers which cause health problems. Moreover bursting firecrackers was not part of our Deepavali tradition.

Every year during Diwali, hospitals are full of patients who suffer from asthma and other respiratory ailments. “Those who are most troubled by this are young children and the elderly one. The reasons are due to the highly using of hazardous fire crackers and every year there has been some criticism about the celebration of Deepavali in India publishing in all news papers.The most common issue is the noise pollution caused by crackers, which greatly affects infants, pets and older people. The chemicals like copper cadmium, lead, magnesium, potassium, nitrate, nitrite, phosphorus in PO4 and sulphur in SO4 used in crackers cause severe eye, throat and breathing problems. They even result in headache and reduces mental acuity, allergic bronchitis, acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases), laryngitis, sinusitis, pneumonia.

Since smoke from firecrackers and other fireworks during Diwali can lead to choking spells for people suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases.Children, pregnant women and those suffering from respiratory problems suffer the most due to excessive noise. It results in making them hyperactive or withdrawn. Pet animals like cats and dogs have horrible time during this festival as the cracker sounds they hear are many times more louder than what we humans can hear. And you will hardly find any of them in the open as they will be hiding under the bed or in some remote corner away from the sounds. Feel sorry for those poor animals.

In all festivals I like and love Deepavali very much and I used to celebrate the festival with great pomp and enthusiasm. But when I am pursuing LLB degree I studied a public interest litigation case filed by Mr.M.C.Mehta which made me tear jerking and from that time on-wards I decided not to buy crackers because many kids are made to work in the fire cracker factories by giving up their golden life. Children in firework factories across India suffer physically with bruises So I decided I should not buy it to promote child Labour.

My appeal to all my fellow Indians is that on this holy day; Stop Buying and bursting crackers. Save a few children their lives and save yourself. Think about the children below 12 years and thousands of other Children involved in child labor in our Fireworks factories. For those poor kids this festival of light simply translates into more forced and hazardous work. Think about them before buying and bursting crackers. Please do not buy and burst crackers because if you do that then in a way you intend to help an industry that unethically and inhumanely employs thousands of children. Stop supporting child Labour. Moreover bursting firecrackers was not part of our Deepavali tradition.

Still if you have already bought them and definitely want to burst Please think twice if you want to burst instead of throwing away and not buy next time.
If you still want to burst, make sure to buy low decibel ones from brands which carry NCLE/NHLI (NO CHILD LABOUR EMPLOYED/INVOLVED) SEAL.

If you want to burst, make sure you don't cause trouble to neighbors, pedestrians and traffic.

Don't burst high decibel, high sounding crackers to cause panic to sick & elder people.

Don’t burst crackers from 10PM to 6AM - it is illegal as per Supreme Court orders

This year too the request people to not use crackers and celebrate it as a festival of lights. “It has become a sign of opulence. It is actually a nuisance. Deepavali should be a festival of lights rather than one of injuries.

Fill the heart with the oil of love. Place in it the wick of single - pointed mind. Light it with the knowledge of truth and remove the darkness of Ignorance around you.

Best wishes for the festivals of lights. May the festival stir up within you the unconquerable desire to excel in the pursuit you are engaged. Have a sense of pride aiming at achieving excellence in what ever work you undertake. It must be your endeavour to throw your heart and soul into it and try to achieve high standards of excellence.


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Deepavali is regarded as the festival of lights to dispel the darkness of ego and ignorance. All festivals of India have an inner divine significance and in India the festivals are celebrated to prove the immanent divinity in humanity. The spiritual significance of Deepavali is to lead oneself from darkness to light of wisdom and self-knowledge. The slaying of Naraka by Sathyabhama could also be taken to interpret that parents should not hesitate to punish their children when they stray on to the wrong path. The message of Naraka Chaturdasi is that the good of the society should always prevail over one's own personal bonds.
Deepavali teaches a sacred inner meaning to humanity. During the night of Deepavali the myriad little clay lamps (diyas) silently send forth message of Deepavali: "Come, let us remove darkness from the face of the earth." No other element in this world is as significant as light. It is the light that shows us the way dispelling the darkness. The flame of a lamp has two significant qualities. One is to banish darkness; the other is a continuous upward movement.
The flame always points upwards. Even if a lamp is kept in a pit, the flame is directed upwards. The lamps remind us of our dharma to realize our divine nature.One lamp can light several others. You can even light another 1000 lamps, and still the flame and the light of the first lamp will remain as it is. By becoming manifold, the light looses nothing. Thus the rows of light teaches important lesson of unity.
The dharma of fire is the same wherever it is: in a poor man's house, in a rich man's house, in India, or in the America. It gives light and heat. Man also burns like a fire from birth till death with hunger, anger, lust, greed and jealousy.In that fire some men consume everything that comes in their way and grow into a wildfire. some search for knowledge with that same fire and glow as the beacons to the dark world. An enlightened person goes on the right path in life and also lights up the path for others too.
Diwali, the festival of lights even to-day in this modern world projects the rich and glorious past of our country and teaches us to uphold the true values of life. Riches may come or riches may go; scholarship may be acquired or may not be acquired; even joy may come and go. Whatever happens, man must be unmoved, he must not swerve from the path that he has chosen towards the right goal of truth and dharma.
Happy Diwali. May the lamp of the heart be lit with the flame of love.

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Dr. Mark, a well-known cancer specialist, was once on his way to an important conference in another city where he was going to be granted an award in the field of medical research.

He was very excited to attend the conference and was desperate to reach as soon as possible. He had worked long and hard on his research and felt his efforts deserved the award he was about to obtain.
However, two hours after the plane took off, the plane made an emergency landing at the nearest airport due to some technical snag. Afraid, that he wouldn’t make it in time for the conference, Dr. Mark immediately went to the reception and found that the next flight to the destination was after ten hours. The receptionist suggested him, to rent a car and drive himself down to the conference city which was only four hours away.

Having no other choice, he agreed to the idea despite his hatred for driving long distances.

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Dr. Mark rented a car and started his journey. However, soon after he left, the weather suddenly changed and a heavy storm began. The pouring rain made it very difficult for him to see and he missed a turn he was supposed to take.

After two hours of driving, he was convinced he was lost. Driving in the heavy rain on a deserted road, feeling hungry and tired, he frantically began to look for any sign of civilization. After some time, he finally came across a small tattered house. Desperate, he got out of the car and knocked on the door. A beautiful lady opened the door. He explained the matter and asked her if he could use her telephone.

However, the lady told him that she doesn’t have a phone or any electronic gadget but told the doctor to come inside and wait till the weather improved.

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Hungry, wet and exhausted, the doctor accepted her kind offer and walked in. The lady gave him hot tea and something to eat. The lady told him that he can join her for prayer. But, Dr. Mark smiled and said that he believed in hard work only and told her to continue with her prayers.
Sitting on the table and sipping the tea, the doctor watched the woman in the dim light of candles as she prayed next to what appeared to be a small baby crib.

Every time she finished a prayer, she would start another one. Feeling that the woman might be in need of help, the doctor seized the opportunity to speak as soon as she finished her prayers. The doctor asked her what exactly she wanted from the God and inquired if she thought God will ever listen to her prayers. He further asked about the small child in the crib for whom she was apparently praying. The lady gave a sad smile and said that the child in the crib is her son who is suffering from a rare type of cancer and there is only one doctor Mark who can cure him but she doesn’t have money to afford his fee and moreover Dr Mark lives in another far off town. She said that God has not answered her prayer so far but said that God will create some way out one day and added that she will not allow her fears to overcome her faith.

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Stunned and speechless Dr Mark was in tears which were rolling down his cheeks. He whispered, God is great and recollected the sequence of events. There was malfunction in the plane, a thunderstorm hit, and he lost his way; and all of this happened because God did not just answer her prayer but also gave him a chance to come out of materialistic world and give some time to the poor helpless people who have nothing but rich prayers.

Always be prepared to do, What God has prepared you for

” There are No Accidents in Life”