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A patriotic song is a song that demonstrates love for one's country. It may be an official National Anthem, National Song or may not be. It is often sung on national holidays. Common themes include love of country, or have themes that glorify self-sacrifice; others focus on a land's beauty, history, or ideals.This month I am sharing patriotic songs. Some of them are so rich in emotions. I’m going to list here a few of my favorite songs picked from various songs OF HINDI, which tell about the greatness of India and makes me to feel proud to be an Indian.

Aao Bacho Tumhe Dikhaaye Jhaanki Hindustan ki
Is mitthi se tilak karo yeh dharti hain Balidaan ki..


Come children. Let me briefly show you Hindustan. Smear its sand on your forehead for it is the earth which is full of sacrifices.

The song is from the movie from the film ’’Jagriti’’, penned and sung by Pradeep and music by hemant kumar Composed in the year 1954. The song tries to inculcate patriotism among children. This song is a gateway for our glorious historic past. It says to bow your head to the land as it is the land of sacrifices. Beautifully composed and takes you into its stride. Song that describe the rich and inspiring history of India. The lyrics are just superb. If we hear such songs and understand the lyrics Every one can know history.

Hothon pe sachai reheti he
Jahan dil me safai reheti he
Hum us desh ke vasi hein
Hum us desh ke vasi hein
Jis desh me Ganga beheti he


This one was really a classic piece of work. Truth on the lips and love in the heart is what you identify an Indian with. We belong to a country which has the sacred Ganges flowing within her. Where the hearts are always clean, we live in a country, where the Ganges flows.

From the movie ’’Jis Desh mein Ganga Behti Hain’’, in the year 1960, penned by Shailendra, composed by the legendery Shanker Jaikishan and sung by the great Mukesh. Good song with excellent lyrics. It speaks about greatness our mother India, Greatness of river Ganga and ethics of Indian people. Great ethics, we should feel pride our country which has ethics like this. It touches my heart when ever I hear it, nothing beautiful then my mother land, this is what Indians are, am proud to be an Indian. Good song! God Bless India. Jai Hind

Chhodo kal ki baatein, kal ki baat puraani
Naye daur mein likhenge milkar nayi kahaani
Hum hindustani, hum hindustani


stop talking about what happened yesterday, what happened yesterday is old news. In the new age we will write together a new story
we Indians, we all are Indians.

The song is from the 1960 film 'Hum Hindustani', Penned by Prem Dhawan, composed by Usha Khanna, sung by Mukesh. It depicts a feeling of patriotism, optimism and free thinking.

Jahan Daal Daal par Sone ki Chidiya Karthi hai Basera
voh bhaarat desh hai meraa,
jahaan satya, ahimsaa aur dharm kaa pag-pag lagtaa Deraa
voh bhaarat desh hai meraa


Where on every bough the golden sparrows dwell
that’s India my country,
where truth, non-violence, and piety are at every step encamped,
that’s India my country.
From the movie SIKANDAR-E-AZAM, in the year 1965, Penned by Rajinder Krishen, Music by Hansraj Bahal, and beautifully sung by Mohammed Rafi. This song reflects the rich culture and tradition of India. This Song talks about the beauty of our country. It sings praises in honour of the country and makes the listener proud of India. A Fabulous worded song which gives ample satisfaction and soothes our inner soul, to an Indian to be proud of its rich heritage, tradition and prosperity.

Mere desh kee dharatee, sonaa ugale, ugale hire motee
Mere desh kee dharatee -


My country is producing gold, diamonds and pearls.
The song is from the movie “UPKAAR” penned by Gulshan Bawra sung by Mahendra Kapoor, Music by Kalayanji, and Anandji in the year, 1967. A Happy farmer sings gleefully on seeing the rich crops that his land has reaped. He compares his fruit of labour to invaluable pearls and diamonds. Such is the simplicity of an Indian. Very true to heart and satisfied with whatever he has gained. The simplicity and innocence has been very well expressed in this song.

hai preet yahan ke reet sada!
Mai baat, vahi dohrata hoon
Bharat ka rahne wala hoon
Bharat ki baat sunata hoon!


Love is the tradition of India! What I repeat, I belong to India
and I talk about India.

This song is from the movie Purab Aur Paschim, in the year 1970 an iconic song penned by Indeevar, composed by Kalyanji and Anandji sung by Mahendera Kapoor. This song tells you the importance of love and relationships and conveys the message of love and brotherhood. The song also discusses the values that India stands for and the lessons that the world can learn from India.
The complete song is about our Indian culture and Manoj Kumar has described India in a new picture and each and every word speaks the reality. The lyrics and the music evoke a great sense of patriotism in every Indian. It speaks about greatness of our mother India, and the contributions made by India to the entire world. India has given to the world a lot. Let us not forget Bharat has given to the world tremendously and still making valuable contributions in all fields. It touches my heart when ever I hear it, and I feel very proud to be an Indian. I LOVE INDIA.

London" dekha "Paris" dekha aur dekha "Japan"
"Michael" dekha "Elvis" dekha sab dekha meri jaan
saare jag mein kahin nahin hai duusra hindustaan
duusra hindustaan
yeh duniya ik dulhan, dulhan ke maathe ki bindiya
yeh mera india yeh mera India
I Love My India.


I've seen London, I've seen Paris, and I've seen Japan.
I've seen Michael (Jackson), I've seen Elvis; I've seen it all, my darling
And in the entire world there is no other India,
No other India, This world is a bride and the jewel (bindi) on the bride's forehead.
This is my India, This is my India, I love My India.

The song is from the movie “PARADES” in the year 1997, penned by Anand Bakshi, Music by Nadeem Shravan, sung by udit narayan. I love this song. It’s very touching song which describes about Great India and its incredible beauty.

kinna sona des hai mera...
dhartii sunaharii a.mbar niila
dhartii sunaharii a.mbar niila har mausam ra.ngiila
aisa des hai mera ho aisa des hai mera...


How beautiful my country is,
Golden earth and blue sky,
golden earth and blue sky, every season brilliantly colored:
that's what my country is like.

The song is from the movie “VEERZARA” in the year 2004 penned by Javed Akhtar, Music by late Madan Mohan, sung by udit narayan. I love this song. It’s very touching song which describes about Great India and its incredible beauty.

Yeh jo desh hai tera, swadesh hai tera
swades hai tera, tujhe hai pukaara
Ye woh bandhan hai jo kabhi toot nahin sakta
Mitti ki jo khushboo, tu kaise bhoolaayega Tu.


This country of yours is your motherland And is calling out to you This is a bond which can never break How can you forget the scent of your earth You can go anywhere but you'll always come back In new paths, in every sigh To your lost heart Someone will say This land of yours is your motherland.

The song is from the movie “SWADES” in the year 2004, penned by Javed Akhtar, Music by A.R.Rahman, sung by A.R.Rahman.This song represents the craving one has for his motherland.Each time I hear this song there is tears in my eyes. No other words except - "My India is the best"

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